Wednesday, December 10, 2008


December 10, 2008. 1:48PM. Tricia yells at us from her office,


And what do we do...of course what anyone else would do, right? We grab the camera, run down stairs ecstatic, and out the door we go to catch snow flurries! We can hardly believe it but it's true.

Pam was gracious enough to take a picture for us. Thanks Pam! (we swear there is a snow flurry by the arrow!)

Now all we can do is stare out the window with big smiles on our faces like a kid looking into a candy store! After we got inside we just had to call everyone we knew in Wharton County and tell them! So now it just needs to snow a little more for us to build a snow man.

What a great afternoon!

Written By:
Christa Jo

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  1. How fun! We got snow here in Houston. I posted pictures... I don't think it ever snowed when I lived in El Campo.

    Merry Christmas!