Thursday, December 5, 2013

Clothing to inspire Agricultural Agvocacy

Recently, RHD has launched a totally new clothing line featuring clothes that are designed to inspire agricultural advocacy - or "Agvocacy" as lots of folks call it. We are really excited about these shirts. We feel they are cool enough for the high end fashionista to enjoy wearing yet also casual enough for a college student to wear to class.

The major brand name for the new venture is a•grar•i•an, as in agrarian, as in agriculture. Within that parent brand, we have two major lines: Stock Show Sweethearts and Ag Aware. Originally we had the idea to name the Ag Aware brand Ag A-wear (like you wear it), but decided on Ag Aware.

Stock Show Sweethearts is a great upscale brand for young ladies on the livestock show circuit,

Ag Aware is themed for an older audience - college age and up - to focus on shirts that help explain and positively promote agriculture.

After our initial product launch about 2 weeks ago, we are really excited about the orders. They are coming in steadily every day from farmers, ranchers and ag enthusiasts nationwide.

Here are a few of our favorites!

There are lots more great shirts available at and We hope you will check them out.

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