Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Plains Swine Management is Online!

Great Plains Management was formed in 1997 to provide management to set up, and maintain, network formed sow operations. Jan Hueber, who is our client for his families cattle operation website, came to us to promote their production management operation, which currently has direct and indirect contact with over 30,000 sows.

Picture of an operation this is up and running!

They assist with building new farms or resume management of existing farms, securing, training and managing a labor force, providing cash flow projection assistance, establishing accurate production records, establishing production goals, nutrition assistance, pig flow management, accounting, and assistance with pig sales and contracts. If you are in the market for any of this work, simply contact them through their website and get started in the right direction.

Not only do they do all of that list, but they do it in a way tailored to the individual business and their needs. The utilize current technologies, stay on top with proven management practices. Their staff has been in the swine industry for years and they are always looking to grow it. Check out their to see if you are right for them. They have a page dedicated to taking applications. How handy is that?!?!

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