Friday, June 28, 2013

Proud to Be A Rancher Give-A-Way Winners

This Friday's give-a-way was our new shirt featuring 'Proud to be an american rancher". If you didn't win one, you can buy them for $10 here:

Here are the winners!

Kaylee Stein ND
Margaret Berger TX
Brittany  Martindale TX
Sheena Young IL
Megan Carter TX
Abbie Grzegorzewski  NY
Tonia Pohlmeyer TX
Jennifer Vollmer OH
Marijane Miller IN
Jeremie Siegler WI
William Luna CO
Michaela Buford TX
Stefan Tucker TX
Samantha Kniep WI
Randy Schultz WI
Merri Cory IA
Diana Beckius WI
Deanna  Drew IL
Tracie Rajek WI
Morgan Wiswell WI
Anna Ganhs WI
Bruce Petow CT
Tracy Carden TN
Klint Sickler ND
Shelbie Belott TX
Marleen Siegler WI
Marleen Siegler WI
Sloan Witherow GA
Savannah Siegler WI
Eddie Jarboe TN
Eddie Jarboe TN
Kim Sullivan  AL
Jill Kolb TX
Loretta Macfee NE
Sara Pieper IL

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